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Garth Ruffner Landscape Architect

Landscaping for a Davis, California Office
Davis Sidewalk Landscaping
Davis, CA Landscape Architectural Design

Office Buildings from the Parking Field

This office project is located at the intersection of Pena Drive and 5th Street in Davis. The site is slightly under 2 acres in size.

The landscape architect provided design services for pedestrian pavement, pots and site furnishings.

Drip Irrigated Planting in Davis, California

Plaza Area Between Buildings 2 and 3

General Contractor: Unger Construction

Architect: Comstock Johnson Architects

Civil Engineer: Cunningham Engineering Corp.

Plaza areas with seating and bike racks are provided between buildings.

Fifth Street Frontage

Passageway Between Buildings 1 and 2

The City of Davis required architectural elements to screen mechanical equipment and frame entry points.  The Landscape Architect designed these free-standing structures, which are clearly derived from elements of the buildings. Construction documents for these structures were prepared by the Architect.

Fifth Street Commerce Center, Davis

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