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Garth Ruffner Landscape Architect

Office Landscape Architecture in Roseville
Sheltered Landscaping in Roseville, California
Planting Design for a Roseville Corporate Office

Office C3 Entry

Five office buildings, on sites between 4 and 6 acres each, overlook Interstate 80 from Creekside Ridge.

Ornamental Grasses, Oaks and Manzanita in Roseville, CA

Developer: The Evergreen Company

Architect: Perkins Williams and Cotterill

Landscape & Maintenance Contractor: Delta Landscaping

The eastern sides of the buildings are more informally planted.

The project assumes a very natural appearance where it transitions to the naturalized grasses and oak trees along the east facing ridge.

The western sides of the buildings are planted simply, with ample tree cover to shade the buildings from the setting sun.

Creekside Ridge Office Complex, Roseville

Antelope Creek Drive