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Garth Ruffner Landscape Architect

Rancho Cordova Landscaping That Stands Out
Phormium and Agapanthus in Rancho Cordova
Nassella tenuissima and Trachycarpus in Rancho Cordova, CA

Eastern Folsom Boulevard Entry

Developer: D & S Development

Architect: Applied Architecture, Inc.

The undeniably eclectic architecture of the remodeled center contrasted sharply with the original Privet hedge that ran along the entire Folsom Boulevard Frontage.

Original Planting, Prior to  Renovation

Folsom Boulevard Frontage

Gray Rush, Agapanthus and Roses in Rancho Cordova

This 3.75 acre strip center, northwest of the intersection of Folsom Boulevard and Bradshaw Road in Rancho Cordova, was heavily renovated in 2007.

All the existing plants and the irrigation distribution system were replaced during the renovation. The unusual plant combinations vary significantly along the 800’ Folsom Boulevard frontage.

The frontage landscaping is laid out in strong diagonal lines, converging on the monument sign and important architectural elements (one of which will be built in a later phase).

The linear nature of the planting plays with the moving vantage point from passing vehicles. This layout creates an experience somewhat like driving along the edge of a plowed field or an orchard.

Western End of the Project

An Over-Grown Hedge in Rancho Cordova

The Eclectic Center, Rancho Cordova

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