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Garth Ruffner Landscape Architect

Planting Design for a Safeway Center in Roseville, California
Lagerstroemia 'Catawba' in Roseville, California
Landscape Architecture in Roseville, California

Pedestrian Walkway to Safeway

This 15 acre site is located at the northwestern corner of the intersection of Pleasant Grove Blvd. & Roseville Parkway.

Signs are Visible Above and Below Tree Canopies in Roseville
Nerium oleander 'Dwarf Red' Planted in Roseville, California

Developer: Bollinger Diversified Properties

Architect: Benner Stange

Landscape Contractor: Silver Creek Landscaping

Mowed turf was planted in the vulnerable planters between the commercial tenants and the main parking field where heavy foot traffic occurs. Spray heads with small radius nozzles provide good coverage with minimal over-spray.

Crape Myrtle trees are used in the areas immediately in front of the buildings since they can be kept low enough to keep signs visible.  The larger canopy trees, which are necessary to meet City shade requirements, are planted further from the signs and are chosen for their high branch pattern, which keeps signs visible as the trees mature.

Planting is relatively subdued on much of the frontage to highlight the accent plants at the entry drives. Wide turf areas along the Roseville Parkway frontage provide an inviting environment for pedestrians using the meandering bike path.

Pinus eldarica Planted in Roseville, California

The project is anchored by Safeway and Long’s Drugs. Crape Myrtle trees and Dwarf Red Oleanders provide Summer color.

Roseville Parkway Frontage

Native plants and plants with a native appearance were installed adjacent to the protected wetlands to the north of the site. Mondell Pines, Deergrass and Dwarf Manzanita are the primary plant species.

Highland Crossing, Roseville

Building Sign From the Parking Field

Entry Drive From Pleasant Grove Blvd.

Main Drive Aisle

Open Space Reserve Buffer Planting