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Garth Ruffner Landscape Architect

Warehouse Landscape Architecture in Napa County

The 36 acre site preserves extensive wetlands and native vegetation areas. The project gained one LEED point for exceeding the City open space requirements by well over 25%.


Storm water run-off from roof and paved areas is routed through dense grasses to filter out pollutants.

This ¼ mile long, climate controlled warehouse has been awarded a LEED Gold rating (39 points).

Napa County Warehouse Landscaping

Main Office after Planting

Work was completed in the Fall of 2009 when these photos were taken. The plants were selected for drought-tolerance and an ability to tolerate salts from the well water.

Architect: Perkins Williams & Cotterill

General Contractor: Sierra View Co.

Landscape Contractor: Parker Landscape

Kendall Jackson Warehouse, American Canyon

Water Conservation for LEED Point in Napa Valley
Landscaping with Unmowed Fescue in the Napa Valley

A second LEED landscape point was completed for reducing irrigation water consumption by more than 50% of the allowed volume. The goal was achieved by extensive use of drip irrigation and low water use plant materials. The irrigation controller uses real-time weather data to optimize run times.

The grass in the photos is a fine-leaf Fescue mix, not a turf type grass. The Fescue will grow to a height of about 12 inches and should only be mowed once or twice each year. The grass requires minimal water in the American Canyon area.

Entry Drive Planting

Fine-Leaf Fescue Blend Grass

Parking Lot Planting Design in the Napa Valley

Employee and Visitor Parking Area