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Garth Ruffner Landscape Architect

Landscaping at Laguna Pointe in Elk Grove, CA
Landscape Architecture for Retail Buildings in Elk Grove
Daylilies Planted in Elk Grove, California
Screening an Elk Grove Parking Lot

This heavily landscaped Elk Grove retail/office project is about 10 acres in size.  The first phase was completed in 2007.

Retail Buildings

Phormium and Hemerocallis in Elk Grove, CA

South Entry Drive

The retail buildings are separated from the parking field with a simple Privet hedge. Accent landscaping is clustered around the bases of the hedges. London Plane Trees are the primary parking lot tree.

Planter pots and seat walls are sited throughout the project. A small variety of New Zealand Flax is planted in most of the pots. Office Building One (see below) is visible in the distance.

A line of Purple New Zealand Flax defines the southern entry drive. The short trees to the right of the photo are Sour Oranges, which are very cold hardy.

The site is located at the southeastern corner of Laguna Springs Drive and Laguna Boulevard. A broad landscape area enhances the perimeter of the project. Afghan Pines (Pinus eldarica) screen service doors from the street.

The planting around Office Building One is primarily turf and trees, as requested by the Architect. Ornamental grasses (left) border the drive aisle that will continue to the future offices.

Developer: Jackson Properties

General Contractor: Jackson Construction

Landscape Contractor: Procida Landscape

Landscape Maintenance: The Growing Co.

Architect for Retail Buildings : De Kleer + Associates

Architect for Office One: Dreyfuss & Blackford Architects

Consulting Architect: Donald Joseph Inc.

Laguna Pointe, Elk Grove

Retail Plaza Entry

Landscaping at the Armed Forces Recruiting Center in Elk Grove

North Entry Drive

Frontage of Laguna Springs Drive

Office Building One

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