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Garth Ruffner Landscape Architect

Phoenix canariensis at an Elk Grove Auto Dealership
Phoenix canariensis Planted in Elk Grove, California
Quercus lobata in an Elk Grove Auto Dealership

General Contractor: Buntain Construction

Architect: Bob Mackinnon Architect

Civil Engineer: Baker Williams Engineering

Native Oaks were preserved along the western frontage of the site. The planting and irrigation near these trees is designed to use minimal water to keep the Oaks healthy. Trenching under the Oaks was kept to a minimum during construction.

Western Entry Drive

South Frontage

This dealership was one of the first in the Elk Grove Auto Mall. The lines of Palms along the main drives give the project a distinctive identity.

The project is entirely drip irrigated, including the turf, to prevent water spotting on the vehicles. Drip tubing with internal emitters forms a looped grid under the landscaping to provide consistent water levels at about 90% efficiency.

Maita Chevrolet, Elk Grove Auto Mall

North Entry Driveway

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