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Garth Ruffner Landscape Architect

Landscape Architecture in Rancho Cordova, CA
Drip Irrigation to Protect Glass in Rancho Cordova
Landscaping a Rancho Cordova Corporate Office

Main Building Entry

This 8 acre site is located on Peter A. McCuen Boulevard at the former Mather Air Force Base. The landscape work was completed in the Summer of 2009.

Rancho Cordova Landscaping

The project is designed to use 50% less water than is allowed by the City.  This is achieved by drip irrigating all shrub areas and relying primarily on low water use plants. The water reduction met the LEED Water Efficient Landscape Credit 1.

The street frontage planting utilizes bands of shrubs with contrasting colors and textures.

While the plant material was only installed about 4 months prior to these photos, the dramatic lines, textures and colors of the new vegetation are becoming apparent.

Southeast Building Facade

Developer: Jackson Properties

Architect: Comstock Johnson Architects

General Contractor: Jackson Construction

Landscape Contractor: Procida Landscape

Mather Commerce Center, Rancho Cordova

Accessible Walkway from the Street

View from McCuen Boulevard

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