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Garth Ruffner Landscape Architect

Fountain Grass and Roses in Stockton, CA
Colorful Landscaping in Stockton, California
Stockton Landscape Architecture

Main Parking Field

Western Entry Drive

Located in northeastern Stockton, off Highway 99, this Raley’s anchored shopping center is about 12 acres in size.

Main Drive Aisle Planter

Muhlenbergia rigens at a Stockton Shopping Center
Nassella tenuissima in a Stockton Parking Lot

Developer: The Evergreen Company

Architect: Rauschenbach Marvelli Becker

Landscape Contractor: Delta Landscaping

Dense, colorful vegetation protects the vulnerable planters between the primary parking lot and the main building.

Ornamental grasses are planted along the eastern edge of the project, reflecting the more natural character of the Highway 99 frontage.

Feather Grass is utilized in very narrow planters where foot traffic is likely.

Morada Ranch Center, Stockton

View from Highway 99 Frontage Road

Red and white groundcover Roses are used extensively at entry drives and along major drive aisles.