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Garth Ruffner Landscape Architect

Commercial Landscape Architecture in Chico California
Canopy Trees in a Chico Parking Lot
Ulmus parvifolia in Chico, CA

Main Drive Aisle in front of Safeway

About 2.5 acres of this older shopping center were remodeled in 2002 to relocate the existing Safeway to a new, larger building.

The original parking field included a few very small planters with some very large trees. The nearest Chinese Elm in this photo had a 70’ diameter canopy and occupied a 3’x36’ planter.


These trees had been very well pruned for a high canopy that left tenant signs visible.

Chico California Landscaping

Architect: Rauschenbach Marvelli Becker

General Contractor: Ginno Construction

Landscape Contractor: Ruffino’s Landscape

Many of the original trees were lost during construction. The new Chinese Elms are thriving and are being pruned to achieve the high canopies of their predecessors.

The City’s parking lot shading requirements are among the most stringent in Northern California. The quantity of planters and trees had to be expanded signifi-cantly as part of the building remodel.

Chico Landscape Architecture

Parking Field in 1998, Prior to Remodeling

Park Plaza Safeway, Chico

Parking Field 7 Years After Planting