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Some older plantings reach a stage where significant work is necessary to achieve a satisfactory appearance.

Bank of America, Roseville, CA Landscape Renovation

The planters at left were almost entirely bare. The irrigation system was repairable, so the scope of work primarily involved soil preparation and replanting. With a limited area and scope, the renovation was implemented using only written recommendations and a site visit during construction. From a design standpoint, this approach is very cost effective.

The Tinker Road warehouse at right required much more extensive work. Most of the irrigation was unusable and the majority of the plants were dead or in decline. The 12 acre size of the project made bidding the installation worth while, so a full set of irrigation and planting construction documents were prepared.




Bank of America (After Renovation)

Bank of America (Before Renovation)

The Bradshaw Plaza site at right had become badly overgrown in many areas and some planters were entirely bare. The irrigation system was still in reasonable condition and only minor repairs and some additional sprinklers were needed.

Bradshaw Plaza (Before Renovation)

Landscape Renovation in Sacramento County

Planting and irrigation plans were prepared over scans of the original hand-drawn landscape plans. The renovation drawings showed all areas of new work, as well as areas where existing plants and irrigation could remain with some remedial work.

Planting Plan Excerpt for Bradshaw Plaza

Bradshaw Plaza Renovation in Sacramento, CA

Most of the planters in front of the retail spaces were redone extensively, while the office buildings at the center and rear of the project required only selective work.

Bradshaw Plaza (After Renovation)

Tinker Road Warehouse (Before Renovation)

Tinker Rd. Warehouse in Placer County

All the failed drip irrigation was removed from the site and replaced with a spray system. Many of the trees and any remaining healthy shrubs and groundcovers were retained. The bare planting areas that remained were replanted in a manner that kept costs down and will require minimal maintenance.

Tinker Road Warehouse (After Renovation)

Landscape Renovation

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