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Garth Ruffner Landscape Architect

West Sacramento Landscape Architecture

Driveway from 3rd Street

Interior Driveway

This 29 unit housing development is located on a one acre lot at the corner of 3rd and C Streets. Work was completed in 2007.

Drip Irrigation at a West Sacramento Townhome Complex

Developer: Leonard Development Co.

Architect: Mogavero Notestine Associates

Civil Engineer: Nolte & Associates

Two commercial spaces are located at the main intersection.

The planters in the interior of the project are narrow and require very compact plant materials. All the landscaping is irrigated with a highly efficient drip irrigation system to conserve water.

The project helps to give an urban flavor to the center of West Sacramento.


Chanticleer Pear trees, a narrow, upright variety of the species, were used to provide shade from the setting sun without encroaching on the units.

Planting Design in West Sacramento

Intersection of 3rd & C Streets

River’s Side at Washington Square, West Sacramento

Sidewalk Along 3rd Street