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Garth Ruffner Landscape Architect


Developer: Taylor Properties

Architect: Rauschenbach Marvelli Becker

Landscape Contractor: Silver Creek Landscaping

The architecture and the landscape strive for an appearance reminiscent of Tuscany.  Italian Cypress, Fruitless Olive trees and Grape vines highlight the main pedestrian corridors.

The City of Lincoln required a very tight street tree spacing on the project.  The street tree species can be pruned into a high canopy to allow signs to remain visible.

Sterling Point Shopping Center, Lincoln

This 16 acre project is located at the northern corner of the intersection of Highway 65 and Sterling Parkway. The landscaping and architecture reflect a Tuscan theme.

Landscape Architecture in Lincoln, California

Intersection of Main Driveways

Planting Design at Raley's in Lincoln, CA

Highway 65 Frontage Landscaping

The landscape work was installed in 2005.  The street frontages are designed to allow the City of Lincoln to take over parkway maintenance utilizing reclaimed water when it becomes available.

Cupressus sempervirens in Lincoln, California

Central Pedestrian Corridor

Ulmus parvifolia in Lincoln, CA

Sterling Parkway Frontage

A small plaza and garden area is concealed behind the monument sign at the corner of Highway 65 and Sterling Parkway. Daylilies and Society Garlic provide color in June.

Robinia ambigua 'Purple Robe' in Lincoln, California
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