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Garth Ruffner Landscape Architect

Landscape Architecture in Livermore California
Screening Utilities with Landscaping in Livermore
Turf Bio-Swale in Livermore

Southern Building Facade

This light industrial project includes 2 buildings.  The site is located on Technology Way and is about 2.4 acres in size.

Livermore Parking Lot Planting

Developer: Antrim Engineering & Construction

Architect: Perkins Williams and Cotterill

The screening of backflow devices is a major landscape issue for the City Planning Depart-ment. In this case, the device at lower right was located so close to the driveway that the required screen plants need regular trimming to preserve visibility.

The landscaped frontage buffers the building from the street and also serves as a water quality swale.

Street Frontage

Mexican Feather Grass (foreground) provides a soft texture and a rich gold color. Water conserving plants and drip irrigation keep water use low.

Technology Business Park, Livermore

South Parking Field

North Entry Drive