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Garth Ruffner Landscape Architect

Landscape Architecture in Dixon, California
Parking Lot Planting Design in Solano County
Landscape Design in Dixon, California

Parking Lot Planter at the Project Entry

This 3.8 acre retail site is located on North First Street, just south of Interstate 80. The landscape work was completed in 2007.

Parking Lot Planting Design at Dixon Tractor Supply

Developer: Paul Hemmer Companies

Architect: McCandless and Associates

Civil Engineer: Laugenaur & Meikle

Landscape Contractor: Vista Parks Landscaping

Dense, colorful vegetation protects the vulnerable planters between the primary parking lot and the building entry. Daylilies and Flower Carpet Roses are planted underneath the Crape Myrtle trees.

Many of the parking lot planters were under-planted with Mock Strawberry. This technique gives the planter an established look almost immediately, but requires attentive maintenance to keep the groundcover out of the shrubs.

All the shrub areas on the project are drip irrigated, as required by the City of Dixon. A self-flushing filter, operated automatically by the irrigation controller, protects the drip emitters from clogging.

Tractor Supply Co., Dixon

Parking Lot Planter

Main Building Entry

North First Street Frontage