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Garth Ruffner Landscape Architect

Parkway Landscaping in Elk Grove, California
Horticultural Therapy in Elk Grove, California
Medical Center Planting Design in Elk Grove

Laguna Boulevard Frontage

Located to the west of the intersection of Laguna Boulevard and Bighorn Boulevard, this 2¾ acre project was completed in 2004.

Flowers and lush foliage may encourage feelings of serenity and optimism for visitors.  

Public Entry

Elk Grove Medical Office Landscape Architecture

Employee Entry

Developer: Jackson Properties

General Contractor: Jackson Construction

Architect: Comstock Johnson Architects

Landscape Contractor: Procida Landscape

Coast Redwoods in Elk Grove, California

Western Perimeter Planting

Pedestrian Access from Laguna Blvd.

The residences adjacent to the project are heavily screened with evergreen trees and shrubs.

U.C. Davis Medical Center, Elk Grove

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