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Garth Ruffner Landscape Architect

Davis, CA Landscape Architecture

Primary Building Entry

Southern Water Treatment Swale

This 3 acre office site is located at the southeastern corner of the intersection of Drew Avenue and Research Park Drive.

Developer: Interland Corporation

Architect: Comstock Johnson Architects

Landscape Contractor: Delta Landscaping

Water treatment swales are located in the southern and eastern parking fields.  Parking lot run-off is filtered through a dense planting of an Asian species of Sedge.

The landscape work was completed in 2008. The project developer requested diverse and colorful plants.

The project includes two courtyards and one employee patio area.

Roses and Society Garlic at a Davis, California Office

Accessible Walkway

Parking Lot Water Treatment with Landscaping in Davis
West Yost Associates Landscape Design

Eastern Courtyard

West Yost Associates, Davis

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