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Planters are not just for plants.  Most above-ground utilities must be located in planters and there are bound to be conflicts to resolve.

Landscaping and Utilities at Marquez Brothers in Sacramento

The tips of elongated planter islands are preferred locations for utilities and trees.  While some fire equipment must have these prime loca-tions, other utilities can be pulled back to allow tree planting at the planter ends.


The layout at left avoided the creation of another planter (by eliminating a parking stall) to meet shading requirements.


Utilities and Plants at Granite Bay Pavilions in Roseville, California

Marquez Brothers

Clustered Utilities at Vista Park in Sacramento, California

Clustering multiple utilities in one large planter allows adequate clearances and appropriate landscape screening.

Vista Park

Fire Equipment and Landscaping at Rocklin 65 Offices

Narrow planters (less than 4’) are generally not appropriate for significant utilities and planting.  If a larger planter is unavailable, it may be better to pave it over.

Rocklin 65

Utilities and Planters

Granite Bay Pavilions