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Trees commonly specified for use in the Sacramento region are listed below with links to  descriptions & images. A Shrub Information page is also available.

Vista Park Planting Design, Sacramento, California

The trees listed below are sorted alphabetically by botanical name to correspond with the Plant Legends on the Preliminary Landscape Plans and Planting Plans produced by this office (see plan excerpt at left). Clicking the links will open a new window with a description and photo of the tree. If you leave the new window open, all subsequent clicks will open in it, allowing navigation using the forward and back buttons of your browser.

Tree Information Links

London Plane Trees (Platanus a.) at Rivers Edge II

Pinus eldarica in Folsom, California

Phoenix canariensis

Pinus canariensis

Pinus eldarica (photo at right)

Pinus halepensis

Pinus pinea

Pinus ponderosa

Pinus thunbergiana


Pistachia chinensis (photo below)

Platanus acerifolia (photo at top)

Podocarpus gracilior

Prunus cerasifera

Prunus serrulata ‘Kwanzan’

Pyrus calleryana ‘Aristocrat’

Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’

Pyrus kawakamii







Acer buergeranum

Acer ginnala

Acer palmatum ‘Sango Kaku’

Acer rubrum ‘October Glory’

Aesculus californica

Arbutus x. ‘Marina’


Calocedrus decurrens

Carpinus betulus

Casuarina cunninghamiana

Cedrus deodara

Celtis australis

Ceratonia siliqua

Cercis occidentalis

Chamaerops humilis

Chitalpa x. tashkentensis

Cinnamomum camphora

Cornus florida

Crataegus phaenopyrum











Eriobotrya deflexa

Geijera parviflora

Ginko biloba (varietals only)

Heteromeles arbutifolia


Koelreuteria bipinnata

Koelreuteria paniculata

Lagerstroemia indica (hybrids)

Laurus nobilis

Liquidamber styraciflua

Liriodenderon tulipifera (photo above)


Magnolia grandiflora

Maytenus boaria

Nyssa sylvatica (photo at left)

Olea europea (Fruitless Varieties)










Quercus coccinea

Quercus ilex

Quercus lobata

Quercus rubra

Quercus suber

Quercus virginiana

Quercus wislizenii


Rhus lancea

Robinia ambigua ‘Purple Robe’

Robinia pseudoacacia

Sapium sebiferum

Schinus molle

Sequoia sempervirens



Tilia cordata

Trachycarpus fortunei

Ulmus parvifolia (photo at right)


Washingtonia filifera

Zelkova serrata (photo below)

Excerpt from a Typical Tree List

Nyssa sylvatica in Folsom California
Pistachia chinensis in Angels Camp, California

Chinese Pistache at Frog Jump Plaza

Afghan Pines (Pinus e.), Raley’s at the Parkway

Tupelo (Nyssa s.) at Gateway Center

Liriodenderon tulipifera in Roseville, California

Tuliptrees (Liriodenderon t.) at Professional Dr. Office

Zelkova serrata in Chico, California
Ulmus parvifolia in Rancho Cordova, California

Chinese Elm at Capital Center

Sawleaf Zelkova at Park Plaza Safeway

Less frequently specified trees can typically be found at the Monrovia, San Marcos or CalPoly web sites. A search on Google Images can provide a wider range of photographs depicting the many forms a tree species takes on as it ages.

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