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Before landscape design work begins, it is helpful to express your opinions, either using this form, making a phone call or setting up a meeting with Garth.

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Vista Park Office Warehouse Sacramento
Eclectic Retail Center, Rancho Cordova CA
Folsom Corporate Center Landscaping

There are a vast number of possible planting styles for every project.  The following photographs show a variety of approaches to planting design.

The question associated with each photo is: “Would I be satisfied if the planting for my project looked something like this?”  Checking “Yes” for one image does not mean you should not respond affirmatively to others, even if they are completely different.

Sutter Connect Offices, Rancho Cordova, CA
Fifth St. Commerce Center, Davis, CA
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Raley's at the Parkway, Folsom, CA
Eclectic Retail Center, Rancho Cordova, CA
UC Davis Medical Center, Elk Grove, CA
Landscape at Raley's in Elk Grove, CA

Raley’s Center, Elk Grove

Planting Style Preferences